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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 51231, posted on December 24, 2014:
Hanakos for Christmas? :D
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 51243, posted on December 25, 2014:
There I gave you the chocolate, will you let it go now?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 51247, posted on December 25, 2014:
My guess is no. No, we are never going to let it go.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 51282, posted on December 28, 2014:
@51243 here.
I was channeling Hisao saying this to her. I considered using quotation marks, but decided against it, guess it was the wrong decision.
Believe me, I enjoy the occasional chocolate quip at Hanako's expense as much as the next Misha.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 51344, posted on December 30, 2014:
If she's wearing a mistletoe on her chest, does that mean I have to kiss her bellybutton?