armor blindfold comic dark_souls flower gloves hat knight lilly parody sword // 768x3200 // 1.2MB

Date: 2 weeks ago     Uploader: Suriko
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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54088, posted 2 weeks ago:
Also, the firekeeper missing her eyes is both a reference to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.
In Demon's Souls, the Maiden in Black had wax over her eyes; she was blind.
In Dark Souls, Anastacia had her tongue cut out; she was mute, which itself was a reference to Demon's Souls.

You should play the games. They're pretty good!
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54089, posted 2 weeks ago:
The firekeepers all have some form of physical deformity.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54091, posted 1 week ago:
Firekeepers are described as having a huge amount of humanity underneath their skin, that "writhe and squirm." When you kindle a bonfire, the humanity used to do so goes to the fire's keeper. Being a Fire Keeper is painful and causes deformations and the like. That's why the Fire Keeper in Anor Londo wears full armor, as she hides her appearance.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54092, posted 1 week ago:
That's quite an interesting concept. I've seen and heard a lot about this game, but that's the most interesting information so far.

I guess I'll give it a try someday.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54128, posted 1 day ago:
I'd eat 'em.

bed bukimi397 hanako nude underwear 不気味遺産 // 1024x1792 // 226.6KB

Date: on May 2, 2016     Uploader: Suriko
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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54121, posted 5 days ago:
That is no minus. Why should we be forced to fight amongst each other for the few available Hanakos? That is no way for a Misha to live. A Hanako in every pot, says I! Who's with me?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54122, posted 5 days ago:
And who are all the excess Hanakos supposed to be with when all the guys run out?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54123, posted 4 days ago:
Guys? What guys? I see only Mishas here.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54126, posted 3 days ago:
They'll take lessons from Misha and learn to "love" one another.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54127, posted 3 days ago:
appearances can be deceiving

duplicate emi guns hat knife pirate sword // 1280x1295 // 314.4KB

Date: 3 weeks ago     Uploader: Suriko
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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54026, posted 3 weeks ago:
Yarr, ye give me all yer lemons, I give ye booty.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54031, posted 3 weeks ago:
Aren't pirates supposed to have wooden legs instead?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54039, posted 3 weeks ago:
We are in the modern ages Misha. Titanium legs are the bare minimum among pirates.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54041, posted 3 weeks ago:
She can forget about sneaking up on her opponents with those things.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54125, posted 3 days ago:
So Double hooks... good power emi

hbz suzu // 797x640 // 192.7KB

Date: on October 15, 2012     Uploader: Aura
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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 43974, posted on October 16, 2012:
I meant this person :p
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 43976, posted on October 17, 2012:
>not hideki without glasses wearing a sun-dress

I'm a lot more disappointed than I should be
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 44052, posted on October 25, 2012:

Banda pls.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54120, posted 5 days ago:
Something is wrong with this picture.

She's not holding Miki's hand.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54124, posted 4 days ago:
Maybe it's her sister's hand (Tsubasa).

askhanakoikezawa hanako miki mouradian sweater_west // 569x558 // 322.7KB

Date: on December 4, 2013     Uploader: Suriko
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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 49053, posted on December 17, 2013:
Miki is clearly just cockney, guvna.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 49332, posted on January 14, 2014:
Now I want to see art of Hisao as an old man
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 49392, posted on January 26, 2014:
Hisao as an old man...wouldn't that just be a tombstone?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54116, posted 6 days ago:
@49392 Joke so dark it stole my bike.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54119, posted 6 days ago:
Not as dark as my jokes. My jokes are do dark, I use them to harvest cotton.

lilly lulz school_uniform // 389x800 // 92.6KB

Date: on November 28, 2008     Uploader: delta
Tags: lilly lulz school_uniform


Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54105, posted 1 week ago:
Two questions. One, why is she looking directly at me? And two, is she blushing at something that Misha said? >:)
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54106, posted 1 week ago:
I'm Misha, and I definitely said nothing naughty to make her blush like that.

Wait a second... you're Misha too!

akira child lilly niji weee // 500x405 // 186.4KB

Date: on February 7, 2010     Uploader: moekki
Tags: akira child lilly niji weee

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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 33519, posted on December 10, 2011:
Because @12704: said this should be in Lilly's room. @12748: is responding to that. You're both making the same point.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 37932, posted on February 10, 2012:
After playing the full version, my headcanon has evolved to be Akira's - she seems to be the type to keep mementos. Also, it's possible that Niji was a family pet, rather than a service dog like in the original plans, and that he either went to Inverness with Lilly's parents or had to be given away because Akira didn't have the time to take care of both him and Lilly.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54102, posted 1 week ago:
Only problem with this: Akira's seven years older than Lilly.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54103, posted 1 week ago:
Lilly is standing on a chair. That explains everything!
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54104, posted 1 week ago:
Lilly's always been taller lol started her growth spirt at 5

<3 cooking hetero hisao kiss lesbian-healer misha out-of-character ring rtil // 825x1275 // 651.1KB

Date: on October 18, 2015     Uploader: Suriko
Tags: <3 cooking hetero hisao kiss lesbian-healer misha out-of-character ring rtil

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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 53085, posted on October 25, 2015:
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 53086, posted on October 25, 2015:
Every possible permutation of KS includes all the permutations where it's shit. I'm pretty happy with avoiding those, myself.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 53088, posted on October 26, 2015:
^ Thank you based fanbase. You've restored my faith in you.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54096, posted 1 week ago:
I have to say, she looks delicious. Wait, I'm Misha. I look delicious.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54099, posted 1 week ago:
And it is convenient to cook her. There is no need to put additional fat into the frying pan.

blushing emi silentkyon surprised // 679x795 // 80.5KB

Date: on November 28, 2008     Uploader: delta
Tags: blushing emi silentkyon surprised

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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 22355, posted on October 18, 2010:
"How about no."
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 22362, posted on October 18, 2010:
"Consensual sex in the missionary position? No way!"
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 31621, posted on August 13, 2011:
WTF!? Emi has hands now?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 31624, posted on August 13, 2011:

How can she hold up her hands if she's deaf?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54090, posted 2 weeks ago:
These comments are even more hilarious in hindsight.

rin school_uniform // 942x1091 // 602.6KB

Date: on December 22, 2012     Uploader: Shiz
Tags: rin school_uniform

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Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 53846, posted on March 31, 2016:
Is this perhaps an underhanded attempt to keep Rin bumped to the top page? Well, you seem to have that well in hand. The art is certainly fine here, so two thumbs up.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54070, posted 2 weeks ago:
#54066 wasn't kidding, this does have a better comment section. Hi, guys.
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54073, posted 2 weeks ago:
Hi, wanna shake hands?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54076, posted 2 weeks ago:
Would I! (shakes Misha's hand)
Wanna be besties?
Shiina "Misha" Mikado
CID 54080, posted 2 weeks ago:
*fist bump*

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